Pedagogical Meanings Emerging in Practice: Part 2


Shirley O'Neill
Language and Literacies Education, Faculty of Education, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba QLD


PP: 1 - 3


This is the second part of two issues of the International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning in 2008 both of which relate in a variety of ways to the theme of meanings emerging in practice. This theme was the major focus of the Third International Conference on Pedagogies and Learning in Brisbane, Australia in 2007 and several articles were post-conference submissions. In this issue, Part two, there are eight anonymously peer reviewed articles and a book review. Although two articles (the third and eight) were not submitted for the conference theme they are highly pertinent to the investigation of the way pedagogical meanings are emerging in practice. Similarly, the book review highlights the longer term impact of authoritative pedagogies and learning on the mobility of both staff and students in higher education, with this article and all others strongly reflecting the current global context of cultural, economic, linguistic and political diversity and controversy that surrounds the nature of learning and the ongoing demand for particular learning outcomes.


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